We took a family trip to the Natural History Museum to see Sue the T-Rex!

Since it isn’t quite summer yet and we were getting restless we figured it was time for another mini journey.  We decided to go with Marianne’s parents to the Natural History Museum in Chicago Illinois.  I had never been but loved the science and industry museum so much I figured why not.  We drove up there in Marianne’s car, survived some crazy traffic to get there and had a blast.  While its not very hands on there were many cool new exhibits and they had a special exhibit on tattoos that we really enjoyed.  It took the better part of the day to get through but we had one more place we just had to go since we were in Chicago…..Eataly!  This is Mario Batali’s Grocery store/ restaurant and wow was it worth the trip!  My only wish is that it was cheaper or we brought more money because I wanted everything!  Anyway check out the links below and our pictures.