Kayak Trip With Family

Finally Summer Time!  Marianne’s birthday and father’s day are on the same weekend and we needed something to do.  For years we had talked about taking a kayak trip to Turkey Run.  As the day got closer we got a ton of rain and looked like we might get rained out for the day but we decided to go anyway.  Despite heavy speeding we showed up a little late (this actually worked out great for us).  We chose the next longest trip we could and that was the six mile kayak trip down sugar creek.  We tied a Bluetooth speaker to the back of my kayak and away we went!  we did the whole six miles in record time since the water was up but it was a blast even for those of us who had never done it.  As soon as we got ready to leave black clouds started rolling in.  We had gotten off the water just in time.  Check out the pictures below to see the awesome time we had.  If you want to plan out your own adventure check out the website below.