This was the big trip of the year.  My little brother was getting married to a wonderful woman. On top of that, they did it in Hawaii!  I’ve always felt Hawaii was an over rated and expensive tourist trap but this trip caught me off guard.  Aside from the horrible flight there and back, the place is what I imagine heaven should be like.  Once we got to the mansion that they rented (yeah they rented a mansion…) Island time hit. (yeah its a real thing)  We had a gorgeous view from a gorgeous house on a gorgeous private tide pool on the locals side of the big island.  I didn’t think it could get better but in between getting things ready for the wedding we got a chance to do a ton of activities.  We went snorkeling, made friends with a sea turtle, went to a street festival, went hiking, went kayaking, ate amazing local foods, and more.  Finally, the wedding arrived and it too was great and beautiful.  We are so happy they found eachother and wish them many more great adventures as they start their lives together.  By the end of the trip Marianne was trying to find a place to move to on the island.  It was hard to leave but know I know there are amazing experiences to be had there and we’ve only scratch the surface.

As an update, the young couple are traveling around the south china sea area now on more adventures for their honey moon.  They are back! You can follow them here: